JSC Sabanikh. Предвосхищая будущее.

                                                      Рекламно-информационные материалы

                                                      - « It has assets of more than 20 trade facilities (And also has assets in more than 20 retail outlets) more than 30 subsidiaries.

                                                      - «»

                                                      - «Shopping Center Cronenberg»

                                                      - «Trading Network Magnit»

                                                      - «Sports and recreation center» 

                                                      - «Sport Shop Sabanikh» 


                                                      (JSC Sabanikh) - One of the leading development companies in Russia, was founded in 1999. The total area of completed projects exceeds


                                                      1 million m². Construction, production, Media advertising of retail facilities in Russia and Europe.

                                                      - «Avenue South West»

                                                      - «Shopping Center Prince Plaza»

                                                      - «CLUB PRINCE»

                                                      - «Kauppakeskus Manski»  

                                                      - «Shopping Center Prince»

                                                      - «Shopping Center TWIN PLAZA»

                                                      - «Shopping Center MAXIM»

                                                       - Contractor of the construction of the first stage of the Central Department Store (state order)  

                                                      - Contractor for the construction of the Kalinin-Solntsevo metro line from the station "Govorovo" (state order)

                                                       - Construction Contractor The strength of Siberia (state order  

                                                       - Contractor construction of Airport Russia Supply of materials (state order